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Stretch Tents for Sale – ( 7m x 12m Marquee Tent ) From


Stretch Tents For Sale | TOP Stretch Tents Manufacturer South Africa. We manufacture and sell some of the finest stretch tents also known as bedouin tents in South Africa. We offer a wide range of stretch tents, offering you versatility in the the different ways that they can be used, i.e, they can be installed over swimming pools, attached as an extension to your patio, on uneven land, and over fences. We also offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate any capacity of occupants, from a small group of a minimum of 40 people. At Royal Tent, we have adopted a hands-on approach in the manufacturing process of our tents, to ensure that the products we deliver keep our promise to our customers to produce the world’s best tents, and to continue living out our word, our stretch tents comes with a 10 year workmanship warranty, allowing you to get your money’s worth with every purchase.

Stretch Tent ( 7m x 12m Heavy Duty High Quality PVC Marquee Tent )


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